Quick Weight Loss Diets

I was married at 18 and gained 100 pounds with the birth of both of my children. I tried weight loss programs, diet pills and shots, diet gimmicks including a six week medically supervised H-2o diet and stomach stapling four times. Frank Hart from Arizona sent me a bottle of Calorad 2000 and I was so skeptical I told him:"I didn't just fall of the turnip truck":" I decided to try it even if it did sound too good to be true, I started losing weight and inches and have lost and kept off a total of 90 pounds so far with more to go. I will use Calorad 2000 for the rest of my life / Marsha Wyatt, Lansing, MI

I first heard about Calorad four years ago from Dr. Gary Bourdan. As he told me about the benefits of Calorad I rolled my eyes but then reluctantly decided to try it. My initial weight was 310 pounds with a 46 inch waist and 39% body fat. After one month I had lost 20 pounds, after month two another 19 pounds, after 4 ? months I lost a total of 80 pounds and have kept the weight off. My waist now measures 39 inches and my body fat is 21% / Gregg Trigg, Oak Bank, MB

I stayed on the side-line for four months before deciding to give Calorad a try in December 2000. I'm 6'2" and started out at 274 pounds but only after two weeks my pants were beginning to slide down off my waist, I had to take my belt in one notch. I have lost a total of 50 pounds in less than four months and gone from a 44" to 38" waist putting my belt in the fifth notch. I have also noticed the arthritis pain in my knees and right shoulder has greatly decreased. Thanks Calorad 2000 / Mark LaBean, Shelbyville, MI

Lose weight while you sleep? I didn't believe the statement at first, but I have lost a total of 52 pounds, and the weight has come off gently. Recently I was hydrostatically weighed, my body fat has decreased from 34.6% to 21.7%, and my waist has gone from 42/43 to an amazing 36 inches. I play golf, racquetball and lift weights all of which I wouldn't be able to do prior to taking Calorad / Bob Norton, Salt Lake City, UT

Many people start using Calorad and notice everyday they lose a pound or two as well as inches off their body. This a true God send of a all natural product that is created by a fantastic company called Essentially Yours Industries. They have an excellent guarantee and fast shipping. *You can't go wrong- I love working for them (I can show you how to as well if you love to help people feel better like I do just give me a call or email us today for more information).

People with pre-existing medical conditions can reap advantages of better blood sugar and blood pressure controls with good weight control by using Calorad.

You can use Calorad if you are:

A male or female who is 18 years or older
Non-pregnant and non-lactating
Do not have a history of thyroid disorder
Classified as overweight or just want to firm up and build lean muscle
Not limited to a certain daily protein intake because of a medical condition

CaloradR2000 and Calorad AM have been used successfully for many years. 95% of Calorad users have awesome success stories to share!