Berger Picard Temperament and Lifespan

Berger Picard is loving and faithful creature. It will be attached to you with all my heart, but it is mischievous and playful nature makes it ideal for other children. In addition, this four-legged creature possesses an innate instinct to guard and will faithfully protect your home from all external threats. But do not forget that Picard needs early socialization, in order not to grow too suspicious and unsociable person.

The representatives of this rare breed are highly intelligent, so you will not have problems with Picard in terms of training. But be prepared for the fact that sometimes these dogs can become stubborn - fortunately, they rarely show their independent nature. In bringing up Berger Picard needs to feel that you are consistent, patient and quite strict. It concerns the whole life with Berger which usually lasts about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Berger Picard Cost and Price Range

The price of Berger Picard dogs is really high. It is about $2000-$2400. The show quality dogs or breed dogs will cost you more compared with the pet quality puppy. The price also depends on the breeder.

Berger Picard Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Berger Picard has the coarse shaggy wool which gives the rustic look to its owner. This is one of the highest shepherd breeds as it has long legs and long back.

Height is 53-66 cm, weight is 23-31 kg. The head is narrow and set high, pointed ears are wide at the base. Rough wool is a distinctive feature of this breed. The wool is dyed in different shades of gray or pale. The color white is not permitted by standard, although these dogs are found as well.

Berger Picard Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

This talented French dog with confidence can be attributed to one of the oldest European breeds. Its ancestors are considered to be herding dogs of the Celts, and the first images of the Berger Picard, judging by the found drawings and prints, they refer to the IX century - about this time, and came into Picard.

Its name the dog got from the name of the Picardie region in northern France.

The closest relatives of the Berger Picard are its compatriots Beauceron and Briard, although some scientists believe that ancestors of this French shepherd are dogs with more confidence include representatives of the Dutch and Belgian shepherd breeds. Berger Picard is very hard-working and not being accustomed to be lazy, so if it is not used as a herding dog, it is necessary to provide sufficient daily physical activity: walking, sports, learning tricks, a variety of dog sports .The character of the dog can be spoiled without having activities it can be engaged in. It will be noisy and uncontrollable and begin to spoil your property.