Bathroom Planch Made of Ceramics - Ideas in Usage of Ceramic Custom Planch

Advantages of ceramic planch are widely known - they can be used for a long time, they are not afraid of moisture, they are tidied without any difficulty. Considered to be a classic decision for a bathroom, ceramic tile is presented in the variety prices - from low to high.

The process of creating planch is such: first the tile is made of from clay, shale or porcelain, the next step - its being fired, the result of which is its hardness. Temperature as well as the number of firing times determine the level of hardness and sponginess. You can find planches for bathroom in a range of forms, sizes, models and textures. If we speak about forms of planches - they may be square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal. You can also find narrow-shaped and diamond-shaped pieces used to make accents.

As for the surface planches can be glazed or unglazed. The first type means that a piece of clay was just fired, its colour is the result of mineral substance of the clay. This type of tiles is the very popular and used a lot. One of the peculiarities is that these tiles are usually more compact than those covered with glaze and are presented as quarry tiles and porcelains. Thanks to solid structure, unglazed planches are often used in heavy commercial installations, but it doesn't mean that this is the only way to use it. Here there are some ideas how to apply rangettes made of ceramics in a bathroom:

1. Think of the possibility to use tiles without glaze in a bathroom. A great advantage of this type of tiles is its non-slip surface. These planches are perfect for places where there is always some moisture, rugged surface texture and matte finish make them so suitable in fact. What you need to remember in case of purchasing and applying such rangettes in your bathroom is that they need tidying rather often as soon as they are easily influenced by oil and get stains quickly. Here there is a choice between quarry tiles, porcelain tiles and terra-cotta tiles. The last may be made by hands or with a help of machine.

2. Use white or cream planches made of ceramics in your bathroom? What about applying grout of some other colour, blue for instance? It would give bathroom a brighter look.

3. Remember that sealers are essential in the places that are the most oftenly used - for example countertops. What thier usage can bring you is protection and preservance of colours.

4. If you want to have less problems with stains on the floor, use planches made of ceramics and covered with glaze for your bathroom. The procedure of manufacturing this type of rangettes is the same as unglazed ones, but still there is an extra process. This is the process of glazing, which is followed by a big heating in a kiln - a special type of an oven. Thanks to this action the glass melts and is fused to the bisque. The cover used for this kind of tiles gives a choice in colours and designs. Also it is resistant to stains and created no problems during a hard wear. Typically glazed rangettes are used in the spheres like from light residential to medium commercial traffic ones. Anyway thanks to the last develoments in technology, there appear such glaxed tiles that are solid and wearable and thus can be used in the most demanding commercial fields.

5. Don't be shy to apply models, floor accents or small splashes of color expressed with the help of custom tile pieces made of ceramics and make your bathroom even more charming. One more option is to use big rectangular decorative sections in the middle of the floor. It is not a problem to find custom ceramic planch or art one in Victorian, Mexican or Moorish stylistic decisions and it may become a good tip to use it as bathroom backsplashes, tub surrounds and in showers.

6. If we put attention to countertops and backsplashes, remember that glazed rangettes as well as resistant household cleaners are necessary. You can also apply additional backsplashes.

7. Accessories are essential for making all the bathroom composition look united. Be sure that all the elements - towel bars, ceramic soap dishes, toothbrush/cup holders match the whole design of the bathroom.

Having the challenge of decion in choice, you also get the pleasure of having variety of styles, colors, patterns and sizes of bathroom ceramic planches and connected elements for your bathroom. What can ceramic planch add to your bathroom? A speacial enjoyable atmosphere making your bathroom a great place to be. Bathroom ceramic rangettes is beeautiful and wearable - don't be lazy to use it and create a bathroom to admire every day.